5 things that confused people about the SOPA/PIPA blackout:

Some of the confusion was serious, and some of it was sarcastic -- but PIPA and SOPA raised many questions yesterday.


  1. 1. SOPA -- What does it have to do with soap/soup?

    SOPA is “soup” in Spanish, and with a simple letter switch, it’s also soap. Confusion ensues:
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  4. 2. PIPA -- What does it have to do with Pippa Middleton?

    This was not actually confusing for most people, but no one wanted to waste an opportunity to make jokes about Pippa's derriere.
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  6. 3. SOPA/PIPA -- What's so bad about sopapillas?

    Another "lost in translation" joke about how the legislation would be just delicious. Sopapillas are fried pastry desserts.
  7. 4. Wikipedia blackout -- OMG THE SITE IS GONE FOREVER.

    Some people were confused about the duration of the Wikipedia blackout.
  8. 5. Wikipedia blackout -- Why did congress/President Obama shut down Wikipedia?

    Others were confused about where the blackout was coming from, perhaps assuming that SOPA and PIPA had already passed.