The Advantages of Direct Mailing Campaigns

Direct mailing campaigns offer cost effective advantages to businesses, even in this age of internet and social media.


  1. Direct mailing campaigns offer cost effective advantages to businesses, even in this age of internet and social media. Different direct mail services provide opportunities to target an audience, stay in contact with your customers, and expand your business. A bulk mailing company in Canada can help US businesses extend their reach into the Canadian market with a number of services. Bulk mailing services include data management, postal presorting, inserting, tab sealing, collating, and inkjet addressing. The bulk mailing company in Toronto can handle all your processing, so will be in compliance with all Canada Postal regulations and specifications with your campaigns.

    A postcard campaign is the most economical and efficient way to generate a high return on your investment over letter mailing for some circumstances. Announcing promotions, thanking current customers, and doing test marketing is better with postcards. You can have your postcards designed, printed, and mailed out by a business postcard mailing service (Greater Toronot Area). They can also double as order forms, if you prefer. Make postcards colorful and concise to keep them out of the post office garbage can. Grab attention quickly and provide a reason for action. Make a great one-time offer of savings, or thank your loyal customers with a special coupon, for example.

    Catalog mailing will let new customers know everything your business has to offer in one shot. Custom packages at competitive rates helps your business increase awareness of its products. Presorting services will ensure you get maximum postage discounts. Publication mailing for newspapers, periodicals, brochures, and newsletters, along with commercial printing services are also available. Business correspondence lets you send invoices, regular billing statements, and announcements out to your mailing list on time. You can personalize your message through data-merge mailing, and you can choose services that will correct your lists for accuracy.

    Warehousing services are offered as well. They include kit assembly, pack and ship options, and co-packing. Automated, high speed poly-bagging is another service that will make your direct mailing campaign successful. When you poly-bag items, you can combine samples with printed material; you can send magazines out that include software; or you can have a brochure, a newsletter, and a coupon mailed as one. That saves you a lot of money on postage. It also provides the customer with a lot of information, encourages new product trials, and can increase publication subscriptions. If you use the right type of direct mail campaign and target it well, you will increase your business revenues.