What's the best way to get rid of red ants?

Carbonated water? Instant grits? Bleach


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  2. Instant grits work every time.
  3. Used to live in North Charleston and with every rainfall there would be a mound or two in my yard. Instant grits are great or you can fight fire with fire. Charcoal lighter fluid and a match.
  4. Ant Bait works, you just sprinkle it on the mounds. However you need ants in your yard, they help make the soil work. Eliminating them all causes problems.
  5. Ditto on the grits....eat until they explode!!
  6. I have had many encounters with fire ants: NEVER pop that little blister. It will come off on its own after about 2 weeks with little to no scaring if you leave it alone. Soak the feet, legs, or bitten area in Epsom salts. They are your best friend. They will ease any swelling associated with the bite and dramatically reduce the itching and burning. I'll have to try the instant grits!
  7. My grandmother would always put Avon Skin So Soft oil on the fire ant bites and it would take away the pain and itching!
  8. put some Swiss Soflower Concentrate on the bites and it will take away the itching and seems to heal them faster.
  9. Amdro. There is nothing more effective when you follow the directions. Even better when you get your neighbors to use it. That way you don't have to worry about new mounds. :-)
  10. My aunt once told me to dab a small about of bleach on a fire ant bite to relieve the irritation. Tried it and it worked.