Hacked off

South Carolina residents took to social media Monday seeking answers about the cyber attack on the state. Gov. Nikki Haley answered questions at a press conference and on her Facebook page but many questions remained.


  1. Haley answered questions on her Facebook page for 15 minutes Monday:
  2. This really sucks, doesn't it?
  3. Lisette Cameron, this certainly is not something we wished for. As secret service said, there are groups that have been hacked and those that will be. We have entered a world of attacks on a new level but SC will not be victim to this. we will do all that is necessary.
  4. how do you know it is international hacking?...aren't there domestic hackers that bounce stuff through international IPs all the time (as happens on NCIS frequently)?
  5. Laura Jodice, secret service informed us of this sophisticated hacker by and international criminal.
  6. There needs to be a little more clarification on how to get children enrolled. Will a letter come from experian or SCDOR regarding children??
  7. Janet Smith Breaman, once you are signed up you will receive a letter or email confirming the minors associated to your soc sec number. at that point you will be allowed to join the family plan, at no charge, which will allow everyone to be fully protected.
  8. What after the first year we get our identity stolen then what
  9. Joel Riddle, we are in the process if negotiations to get this protection for you for life. we will be able to clarify that in our press conference tomorrow.
  10. Why wasn't the info encrypted?
  11. Benjamin Teal, the truth is that industry standard whether it is banks, agencies, or the CIA (that was recently hacked into) do not encrypt ss#s due to the complicated nature of it
  12. But not everybody was satisfied with the governor's answers.
  13. "Banks don't encrypt ssn because of the complicated nature of it? What are you talking about? I work for a bank and we encrypt EVERYTHING. IT is a 9 digit text number, there is nothing complicated at all about encrypting it. And I can tell you that it IS industry standard to encrypt social security numbers for banks. I just completed an IT audit. Please don't comment on a subject if you don't know what you're talking about.
  14. And is lifetime protection really possible, considering the annual costs?
  15. Haley also told residents to watch the video of the press conference:
  16. The press conference spurred a lot of questions on Twitter.