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Death of a Watermelon Vendor in Hunan Province Creates Online Outcry

Chinese farmer Deng Zhengjia was selling watermelons without a permit in Linwu County, Hunan Province. But when he was fined by the local urban management officers known as "chengguan" his small violation turned violent. Anchor, Carol Hills speaks with David Wertime founder of Tea Leaf Nation.


  1. Chinese Blogger, Li Chengpeng wrote an essay about the Chinese Dream inspired by the watermelon vendor's death. Here's an excerpt from that essay:
  2. "The watermelon vendor, Deng Zhengjia, lived in a mountain near Linwu County. He wanted to grow sweet watermelons, have a magnificent harvest, and sell his watermelons quickly, so that he could get home in time for dinner. This was his Chinese dream. He took great care of his watermelons. Why didn't you take care of him? Before we sit down to talk about the Chinese dream, you should protect a watermelon vendor's dream." To read his entire essay click on the link below.
  3. "This is by no means the first time that there has been a violent conflict between chengguan and street vendors," said David Wertime, founder of Tea Leaf Nation.
  4. On Saturday a paralyzed man set off a homemade bomb in the Beijing Airport. The man, a former motorcycle taxi-driver from the city of Dongguan was protesting a beating by security officers in 2005 for a taxi-permit violation that resulted in his paralysis.
  5. Wheelchair bomber blows himself up at Beijing Capital International Airport