Column Writing

This is a test of the new Storify plug-in for Wordpress. We will be using it in English 311 to gather sources, information, and as an outlining tool for our articles. Below you will find links about columns and column writing.

  1. It's not a terrible idea to start with a Wikipedia definition, but it's pretty tired.
  2. Even better is finding a authoritative source on the issue, idea, or situation. The University of Missouri is the #1 ranked journalism school in the country.
  3. It's also good to see what the most accomplished practicioners of the form are doing/saying. Here's a link to the NSNC.
  4. Social media applications like Twitter and Facebook are not off-limits anymore. Many journalists now use them to "crowd-source," or see what the prevailing attitudes are on an event or issue.
  5. @davidsirota The best pundits actually do real reporting for the sole purpose of writing their columns. The practice is too rare, however.
  6. But just like interviewing people in person, you still have to use discretion: does it really contribute to the rigorousness of the story?
  7. Are columnists (opinion writers), information officers, radio commentators, journalists?
  8. A tip for writers: today I was very impressed when a man (who called ahead of time) came to pitch a column. He had a cover letter and a detailed explanation of his column. Then he had a list of topics for the first 20 columns (most columnists have three in them). Then he had multiple examples of his work. He got the column.