Volunteering in India

March 21st #travelindia session.


  1. Q1 Would you combine traveling with Volunteering? Yes / No, Why. #travelindia

    Q2 Share your experience of volunteering in India. few hours / days or weeks. #travelindia

    Q3 Would you prefer volunteering with a organization or independently? Tell us why. #travelindia

    Q4 What kind of projects and volunteering options are available in India? #travelindia

    Q5 Would you prefer full time volunteering or few hours a week with your regular job. #travelindia

    Q6 Does volunteering works out cheap in India? Are there any good volunteering options that cover your living expenses. #travelindia

    Q7 Would you volunteer in India or anywhere else in the world. Yes/No Tell us why. #travelindia

    Bonus Q Any project/website, u'd like to suggest to people who are interested in volunteering in India. could be ur project too #travelindia