The Origin of SpIWIT

Just a little prequel to the story. Because we can.


  1. It began how most things in this life do. With a conversation.
  2. Obvious as it may seem, sometimes people forget. Conversations are formed from words. Words cohere into ideas. And depending on the motivation, ideas can be dangerous. Of course, the true nature of its intent is dependent on the wiring of those responsible for said idea. But when the conversation in question, in a non-descript London pub over a casual pint of ale, between a Member of Parliament hankering for the good old days when Military Intelligence was more about preventing wars rather than starting them and an old dog with unfulfilled delusions of grandeur, you may as well crack open a flask of sarin.
  3. Some folks just shouldn't be let out in public.
  4. "You want to revive MI7?"
  5. "I do. Though obviously not under its original remit."
  6. His political companion took a long sip of his warming pint. "I'm not sure the party will go for it. I mean, weaponising..."
  7. The MI agent was dogged and not to be deterred. "British Intelligence has a long and colourful history of stepping out of its comfort zone and in doing so, changing the political and economic landscape of entire nations. Subterfuge with a healthy dose of cage rattling has yielded dividends for this country time and time again."
  8. "You're contradicting your own argument, Giles."
  9. "Am I? Intelligence redefined by our design, Walter. Surely, a new method of subterfuge borne out of shaking off those comfort zones keeps our enemies on their toes and us one step ahead?"
  10. The MP mused. "You have a name for this little experimental project of yours? I'll need to present something to my department head before we can even consider funding."
  11. Giles reached into the case by his side and pulled out a file. "The proposal is in there," he said, sliding it across the table.
  12. Walter tentatively reached for the brown unassuming folder, flicked it open and read.
  13. The Species Intelligent Weapon Integrated Technology project was as mad as its proponent. But then, was there ever genius without some touch of madness? And since when has that ever stopped anyone from doing anything?
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