Russian to make a fast buck

When we trade in life for personal or financial gain, there are no winners.


  1. "Orangutans matter. Their habitat matters. We have evolved together on this world and the shortsightedness of Humanity will be the unravelling of how far we have come."
  2. This is simply an opinion. And in a world flooded with opinions it hardly matters. Because I don't have money. I don't have influence. I don't have power.
  3. Money, influence and power have come to define what is great about being Human. They form the foundation of the pedestal that have elevated a chosen few far above the ground we inhabit. It could be proposed that such elevation leads to isolation. Isolation frequently leads to boredom with what the rest of us consider beautiful, normal, to be treasured. And when that boredom takes root, they look for things to entertain themselves. Usually, it is the vulnerable who exist at the other end of their spectrum who become the entertainment.
  4. This week's exposé by the Daily Mail on the illegal Orangutan breeding programme in Russia demonstrates most clearly how the priceless parts of our world have become the playthings for those who use their power to bend the world to their liking. The depths to which we can sink in the abuse of our privilege as custodians of this world continues on a downward spiral.
  5. There are legal breeding programmes in place for endangered animals in zoos all over the world but the infants in the Russian operation are being sold in a profit-making enterprise for tens of thousands of pounds, driving an illegal pet trade, and threatening the lives of the wild population which is already dwindling to extinction. And what happens when these infants become a 50+ kg animal? No longer the cute, adorable infant that was taken from its Mother's embrace... This operations need to be outlawed and organisations like CITES need to do more to stamp them out.
  6. There are no easy answers. No simple routes to a solution. Supporting organisations like CITES, BOS, IAR and OPF empower them in their respective roles by giving voice to the vulnerable. With power, money and influence comes a huge responsibility and accountability for the actions that shape and define our world of which the vulnerable form the greatest part. The best us regular folk can do is keep fighting for the vulnerable and remind the powerful that we are watching them.
  7. You can read the Daily Mail feature in full here.