Not so Stay Puff


  1. Hello Folks.

    As the end of my challenge looms larger than the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man, 18 whole pounds of flab no longer graces my hobbit-like frame. This apparently is the equivalent weight of a car tyre. No wonder my knees felt like jelly if I've been hauling that around with me these last few years!

    I am only a third the way to my ultimate goal but it's a solid start and I want to thank everyone who took the time to donate to my Just Giving page. (There's still time, don't fret. I am very accommodating when it comes to that sort of thing!)

    While the goal of improving my own health as I stagger towards 40 was a nice bonus, a big reason for getting involved was my parents, both of whom had been in full time hospice care for about 4 years. In November, my Father passed away. Four months later, my Mother, an MS sufferer for 45 years, joined him. Few of my current circle would have met them, homegrown and homebound as they were. Were it not for places like Rennie Grove Hospice Care, I cannot imagine how much more difficult it would have been for my family. The professional support offered by hospice organisations is so very, very important. Heaven forbid, but none of us can never rule out the day when we, a family member or a friend would be in need of such support.  So keep those little grey cells firing and those muscles moving!

    The "official" Biggest Loser Challenge ends next Monday. I've met some fantastic people and thoroughly enjoyed the last 17 weeks. I've discovered giving up milk, meat and sugar is not that hard. Wine however, shall remain a guilty pleasure for some time to come.

    The phrase goes, "What have I got to lose?" Well, quite a lot to lose and plenty to gain. With the help and generosity of those lovely people who have already given, I am very close to my fundraising goal of £500, doing something wonderful by giving a little of themselves to help those in need who cannot help themselves. 

    London-Brighton Bike Ride beckons next month (100km of pleasure and pain!) with some very lovely friends. After hitting my goal for Rennie Grove, it's back to aping around. Those who know the charity I work for will understand! 

    So thanks so much for reading these words and your support, past, present and future. Here's hoping that today, like me, you can spare the loss of a few pounds too.

    Hairy Hugs.