1. ...in a Business Centre not so far away, countless creative particles gathered en masse. Their crazy interaction caused an explosion. And KAPOW! into a Dead Universe was breathed life. Populated by the great and the good of all things key to the genus Comicus, for two days, life sprung forth wild and free, giving rise to ideas spanning multiple and parallel universes where only Angels of Dare deem safe to tread. 

    On that day, Relics Wished for a place in that future. A Bell rung out, pure and true. Mystery Boys wandered the alleys of the newly born stars wielding Kaiju Steel, while Death Sentences were passed to those brave enough to accept them. Hellraisers rampaged and all the while the Liffey Scribes told tales bold and (occasionally) true. Newborns vied for their place in the ever-expanding chaos, from which eventually order comes and that place is found.

    That light that burned twice as bright lived half as long and this Universe collapsed as quickly as it formed, but the resulting chemical reaction that has arisen from the fires of KAPOW! will have far-reaching implications for all those particles that reacted and interacted.

    New life will spring forth. And cyberspace will never be the same again...