Breaking Free. The Shackles of Palm Oil.

Will we ever get there? Probably not. But we can take a damn good shot at it.


  1. At the beginning of 2012, I set myself a challenge. To eliminate palm oil from my life. Impossible? Almost. Like the air that we breathe, palm oil permeates nearly every aspect of life. Except unlike air, palm oil is cheap, ubiquitous and deadly.
  2. Volunteering and working in the fundraising sector of orangutan conservation was a real wake-up call (in more ways that I would have liked to have been kicked out of my slumber, but that's a tale for another day!)
  3. So onto the practicalities of doing what I could on a personal level to help my ginger brethren.
  4. 1. I'll admit I had a headstart. I've never worn makeup so that box was easily ticked. My beauty routine consists of soap from Lomond (Thank you, Corrie!), a clean towel and a smattering of virgin coconut oil. Simple. Toothpaste and shampoo have been replaced by a baking soda/coconut oil paste for washing hair and cleaning my teeth while conditioner is an apple cider vinegar/water mix.
  5. 2. Moving onto the kitchen. Vegetable oil is a no no. Olive oil, grass-fed butter and coconut oil are the staples. Pre-prepared packaged food is also a thing of the past. 95% of our groceries are sourced from Abel and Cole and I've become a master of frugality and stretching food for lunches and dinners through the week. Food waste has been (almost) completely eliminated. I eat raw and fresh as much as possible, though try to be relaxed about it. There's no point in turning into the Food Police around everyone else. They have their own journey to make.
  6. 3. In striving to remove palm oil from my life, some interesting side effects manifested. For some reason, sugar, red meat and a lot of dairy also found themselves looking for alternative accommodation. And I attribute nearly 2 stone in fat loss to the increasing absence of these foods. Wine remains though. A girl has to have some vices after all!
  7. So there you have it. Accept that there is no such thing as perfection. I accepted my version of perfect and work on improving it a little every day.