New dress code at Chambersburg schools?

Chambersburg Area School District is considering a tougher dress code policy, which generated a lot of buzz on social media. Here's a sampling of what you had to say.

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  1. Some showed support for a stricter dress code at CASD...

  2. I love this idea. Children can still have expression and they can do so on weekends. People dress way to provocative for school these days. It is cheaper to buy uniforms than it is to go school shopping and buy clothes for the year. it makes more sense.
  3. It seems a little harsh, and I know I'm usually the first to complain about learning to express individuality, but uniform standards do cut down on bullying since it takes clothes and the status that goes along with being able to afford certain name brands. It also can make school shopping a lot more affordable for parents.
  4. This is a good idea being a student there before n seeing what half the kids were dressed in n some being hardly anything this is a good idea if the students would follow a few simple rules it would have to be this way so don't blame the school for the teenagers actions when u get a job most places u have to wear a uniform or dress up so get over it itz life
  5. I don't live there anymore but being the mother of children that wear uniforms ~~ They are great no more fights on what to buy or wear to school everyday~~ No more bullying because the "rich" kids have all the "in" things and the poorer children don't ~~ It should be for all public schools Just my opinion
  6. My daughter started school this year. Although we are not in CSD, at her school she wears a uniform and we love it. It is cheaper, easier on the parents and children in the morning!!, and takes the focus off appearance and puts it on education.
  7. school isn't for 'expession' it's for education.
  8. Others said the proposal is overkill or threatens students' self-expression...

  9. I really don't think full blown uniforms are necessary, as long as the kids dress appropriate & follow the guidelines. It's only public school, if I wanted to wear a uniform I'd go to a private school.
  10. I hope they plan on providing the uniforms cause to me its crap these kids are not aloud to have the chance to express them selves and who they are.... don't get me wrong I don't want my childrens pants sagging our my daughter wearing reviling clothes but its not fair to them hint the word public schooling......
  11. Kids need to b able to express their individuality! Yes guidelines r needed but does it need to be like this? Will the teachers all b wearing matching blazers w the school emblem?- I doubt it!
  12. Actually go and read the "proposed" policy. It is way more than just a uniform. It's absolutely ridiculous. There is absolutely no room for self-expression. Our district needed something but not this.