Chambersburg school board adopts dress code

Chambersburg Area school board voted 8-1 to approve a new dress code for students starting in 2012-2013. Here was some of the reaction on social media.

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  1. Why don't we just enforce the existing dress code and move on!
  2. They need to focus on education not clothing. Focus on why test scores are low, why kids are dropping out! Now ur back to square one, trying to enforce something new & it will consume more time away from educating our children! You, the school board are the ones who will get a real education come election time!
  3. what does a dress code have to do with test scores its what the teachers are teaching u know worry bout what they are teaching then worry about the test scores kids are still going to be bullying no matter what they are wearing
  4. clothes wont improve test scores.
  5. You mean that children and teens are being forced to dress appropriately in school? How awful! Come out to the mall on a Friday night and you'll get to see how scantily clad individuality looks. Individuality is more than clothes. Wanting your children to get kicked out of school? Parents need to enforce education and good study habits!
  6. I'm happy that the new dress code passed. Pride in themselves and their school will be a nice change. The new dress code will make it easier to spot the violators and so less time will be spent on this matter. Change is a good thing. I don't understand why the parents are so up in arms over this. Pulling your kids out of school because of a dress code? Really? Sounds sad to me. And what is that teaching children? don't like it so quit?
  7. I love how people say they won't force their children to obey the dress code and in the same breath complain bc their children aren't learning anything. Do you really think that sitting at home telling your kid they don't have to listen to their school's dress code will convince them they need to listen to their teachers teach? Lead by example and show some respect.
  8. The parents saying, my child will wear whatever they want I don't care what the school board says about it. I say congrats on setting a poor example for your child, way to show them how to be defiant. If you dress you child appropriately then great, they still have to abide by the new dress code, just like working if one person screws something up everyone has to pay the consequence rather it be a new set of rules or a change in the dress code, and you either obey or get fired. Well school is you either obey or get expelled, suspended, or whatever have you. School is preparing our child for the future, getting them ready for they real world. As far as individualism being squashed, they only have to wear it 8hrs of the day......just like working, and then they can wear whatever their hearts desire. There are links posted on the other post on here. Check them out and see how clothes can affect learning.