With All Dew Respect: 5 Things David Dewhurst and President Obama Agree On

Texas Lt. Governor David Dewhurst released a new ad attacking the President where he claims, "I can’t think of one thing I agree with him on."


  1. Unless the Lt. Gov. has changed his mind, here are at least 5 things we suspect they still agree on...
  2. 5.) Appointing Democrats to positions of leadership

  3. 4.) Safety regulations and emergency response procedures must be reviewed in the wake of the West, Texas fertilizer plant explosion

  4. 3.) They worship the same God

  5. 2.) They both believe the 2nd Amendment exists and is Constitutionally protected

  6. Even if not everyone thinks so...
  7. 1.) They both really enjoy working for the government

  8. Dewhurst has worked for the CIA, and been a statewide elected official in Texas since 1999.
  9. President Obama started his political career just 2 years earlier as a state senator in Illinois.