Texas Republicans Continue War on Women -- They Fight Back

Follow unfolding events on twitter: @joethepleb #txlege #hb60 #sb5 These bills are attempts to ban abortion in Texas through the guise of "protecting women".


  1. Texas again finds itself in the midst of a revolution of sorts. A recent poll found that a majority of Texans oppose the abortion legislation being pushed through the special session, but Texas Republicans spearheaded by Governor Rick Perry, Lt. Governor David Dewhurst and the Tea Party wing of the legislature continue a theme of silencing their voices.
  2. Last Thursday more than 700 Texans registered to testify against these bills and hundreds were told to go home because their testimony was likely, “repetitive”. What actually has become repetitive is a largely male contingency telling them to be respectful while they themselves continually disrespect procedure in order to regulate what procedures a woman must abide by. This adding of insult to injury has inspired a response that led to hundreds more showing up on Sunday in orange to show their outrage. They were again told to be respectful and sit down and stay quiet while the far right scored political points for their primary voters.
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  4. Needless to say they did not. When the gallery erupted in discontent after the vote was announced they were met with threats of expulsion. Some were asked to leave but the vote was over and eventually everyone left to be briefed by members of the Democratic caucus.
  5. Gallery erupts on passage of anti-abortion bills by Texas l
  6. Texas Rep. Jessica Farrar briefs pro-choice advocates after
  7. Because of the rampant bending and suspending of the rules Democrats have had to deal with over their span as a minority power they have become masters of process and procedure. In 2003 they were forced to break quorum, twice, and now Democrats are again forced to run out the clock. Should they choose a similar strategy a call could be placed on the House, meaning a warrant would be issued for each member not present and those who were would be locked in the chamber. This is what led to legislators of both chambers escaping to their respective states fleeing the Texas Rangers hunting them down.
  8. A point well made as tea party members acted so eager to expand government's reach into private the lives of Texans and their physicians. The bills sponsor is not even sure what a rape kit is for let alone espousing any medical expertise.
  9. This time the issue isn’t the inevitably passed and eventually struck down for “discriminatory intent” redistricting maps -- its women’s health. It’s perpetuating our 4th ranked teen pregnancy rate. It is boldly and intellectual insultingly claiming to be making a procedure safer for women without funding the “improvements” the clinics would need to keep operating. 
  10. This is about scoring political points in a primary and assuming no one else is watching because Texas has the lowest rate turnout in the nation. Well Republicans are now being put on notice. Governor Perry put the abortion measures on the call halfway through the special session knowing that the clock was ticking. As both Rep. Sylvester Turner and Rep. Senfronia Thompson (Ms. T) made the point -- If this issue was so important this conversation could have started in January as an emergency item, or at least by day one of a special session. And furthermore Rick Perry is our Texas’ longest serving governor, and there hasn’t been a major change to our abortion law since 1985, when he was a Democratic state representative from Haskil.
  11. This isn’t the first time in our modern history that Texas Republicans have sent the message that women aren't up to the task of making their own decisions and that since "it's inevitable, [they should] just relax and enjoy it". When "apologizing" for likening rape to bad weather at his ranch Republican Gubernatorial nominee Clayton Williams said, ''That's not a Republican women's club that we were having this morning,'' he said. ''It's a working cow camp, a tough world where you can get kicked in the testicles if you're not careful.''
  12. Yes, that was supposed to excuse him. You get it right -- women don’t have testicles, so men control the herd. Well women are putting Rick Perry on notice,  -- they are taking names and there will be consequences. 
  13. So, remember...This isn't their first rodeo.