Ben Ward

Platform developer at @twitter. @microformats admin. Does like food. Lives in San Francisco. Sporadically some other things. Bit of a whiner.¶Likes punctuation.

Jessica Morrison

a PhD2013-scientist-turned-journalist with an appreciation for creativity, communication, yoga, and uranium.

Anne Jefferson

Watershed hydrologist at UNC Charlotte. Tweeting water, geology, geomorphology, climate, science careers.


Geologist, meanderer, explorationist...

Phil Plait

Astronomer, author, skeptic, father, punster.

Emily Lakdawalla

I'm the Planetary Society blogger, once a planetary geologist, now a writer and mom, writing about great space images and mission news.

Dr Rebecca Williams

Volcanologist & Lecturer. Mostly waffling about geology, my research (volcanology & petrology) & running.

Jon Tennant

Occupation: Dinosaurs. One of them PhDers. Blogger, policy dabbler, likes openness. Has been known to science in return for beer.

Pete Rowley

Geologist who spends his time studying pyroclastic flows and turbidites, with a spleen that needs frequent venting.

Jessica Ball

Volcanologist, SUNY Buffalo grad student, AGU geoblogger.

Ron Schott

Geologist. Gigapan photographer. Educator. Alpha geek. Find me on Google+ at

Dr. Kiki Sanford

Science ninjas unite!


I like rocks, film, good beer, and baking. I work for @NSF, but the views posted here are my own.

Veronica McGregor

NASA-JPL news/social media mgr. Also tweeting as @NASAJPL, @MarsPhoenix (RIP), @MarsCuriosity, @AsteroidWatch. Creator of the 1st #NASATweetup. Really busy mom.

Helena Heliotrope

Cave fanatic, volcano enthusiast, photography aficionado. BSU undergraduate, #NASATweetup #STS135 alumnus. (Tweets all mine!)