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    Retrieved August 29, 2016. It was announced at that season two will premiere on Netflix in late 2016. Using his Slipperies, Coran shines the lenses, which fully jumps the Castle away from Zarkon. Pidge stays in the Main Command Center, but Lance and Shiro must reach and connect to the isolated Third level holding the two prisoners. Lance channels a new weapon from his Blue Lion and kills the Baku, and as a thank-you the queen uses the old energy beacon, which brings Pidge to their rescue. Shay admires the two and wants to help torrent voltron legendary defender season 2, but Rax is cautious and insists they leave. Hunk was the engineer of his team at Galaxy Garrison. The Paladins form Voltron and are able destroy the Galran fleet, but their victory is short-lived by the arrival of another Robeast. Shiro and Allura are also discovered and flee to the escape pods, but Allura sacrifices herself to allow Shiro to escape and she is captured by the Galra.

    Pidge exits the corrupted wormhole in a junk nebula with debris from various alien technologies, which she uses to send a homing beacon to the Castle, thus breaking the time loop. Retrieved October 7, 2016. As such, he views the Lions as his own property rather than seeing himself as a former chosen one to pilot the Black Lion.

    Meanwhile, Commander Thace the Marmoran spy who shut down the Solar Shield alerts the Order that the investigation is increasing and the timetable must escalate to now! Unable to fully evacuate, Allura decides to perform an ancient ritual once performed by her people to rejuvenate the Balmeran. Shay admires the two and wants to help them, but Rax is cautious and insists they leave. As they form a rescue plan, an academy washout known as Keith arrives and rescues Shiro before the five of them escape into the desert. On the Olkarian home world, the super teludav is operational, and the team reminisce about their time since coming together. A Galra scientist named Ulaz released Shiro, and instructed him to get back to Earth and find Voltron. As Zarkon himself goes to battle Voltron, Haggar and her Druids go to protect their emperor as he readies his armor, which untested could kill him as well as Voltron. Haggar remembers what her husband did to revive her and restores Zarkon to consciousness. In season three, it torrent voltron legendary defender season 2 revealed he was teleported to a Galra ship before escaping and was eventually found by the team.

    Torrent voltron legendary defender season 2

    Hunk promises to return and save her people before he and Coran return to Arus. Retrieved 30 January 2017. After Coran details his time in the swap meets as edgy and filled with space pirates, they arrive and find it to resemble an average mall on Earth. Shiro accompanies her, unwilling to let her go alone as well as needing his hand to access Galran technology. You can assist by.

    The remaining four Paladins arrive on Taujeer to help the Ark escape, only to be fired upon by Galra forces closest to them, as Zarkon located them nonetheless. Lance maintained a rivalry with Keith from when the two were at the Galaxy Garrison together but the two have shown to be an effective team. Retrieved July 17, 2016.