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Divorcing the PMO w/@ERAPConsulting + @TheLuckyPM

June 30, 2017


  1. This week's #PMchat was hosted by the Fabulous Emma-Ruth Pemberton and Marisa Silva. These two are smart, experienced, and very passionate about the Project Management Office. In this session of #PMchat, they lead a discussion on the rise of specialty functions within the PMO and present that the idea that maybe these functions should be divorced from the PMO.
  2. Reminder 1 - PMChat always needs guest host on topics of leadership, communication, project management and more! Contact us ASAP for more info on how easy it is.
  3. Reminder 2 - #PMchat now has a mobile device! All the blogs, podcasts, and more in 1 place! Free and No Ads! Get it in the Google PlayStore or iTunes Store now! .....alright, let's get to it!
  4. Pre-Chat Excitement Builds!

  5. Let's Do This! #PMchat Starts...