Summer Concert Series

Showcasing all the hottest concerts of the summer in Ontario. Nothing says summer is here like wonderful concerts throughout the great province of Ontario. This entry is all about summer concerts which I have personally attended through my job as an event security guard.

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  1. The First concert which will be showcased is The Tragically Hip concert in Cobourg. This concert took place on June 20 at the Cobourg Community Centre and was performed to a sold out crowd. What made this concert feel so special was the fact that a small town like Cobourg does not receive big acts, such as The Tragically Hip. The jubilation within the town could be seen in all the citizen's faces. It was truly remarkable to see the excitement surrounding this show inside the town of Cobourg. There was a serious buzz as even the mayor showed up for the concert. Tragically Hip sounds even better live than they do on their albums, and the show was a major success.
  2. The Tragically Hip Rock the Cobourg Community Centre
  3. The next big event I worked was the Big Music Fest in Belleville Ontario on June 22. This was the first big outdoor concert of the summer and included an all-star lineup. The performers for this concert included Burton Cummings, Hedley, The Counting Crows, The Wallflowers, and Bleeker Ridge. What interested me most about this event was the diverse audience attending the show. Acts like Burton Cummings, The Wallflowers and The Counting Crows attracted an older crowd, meanwhile Hedley and Bleeker Ridge brought forth many teenagers. It was interesting to see how the audience would interact with each other being so diverse, as well as seeing how they would respond to the performers they did not come to see (I.e. A teenager coming to see Hedley's reaction to Burton Cummings).

    I was really excited for this show was The Counting Crows and The Wallflowers both had hits in the 90s I thoroughly enjoyed. That being said, my expectations were not met as the weather played an important role on the day. Since the first half of the day was included heavy amounts of rain, it seemed the artists performing did not have the enthusiasm to put on a good show. It appeared as though they were just getting their set over with, so they could get back to their cozy tour buses. Hedley brought with it a great atmosphere and diehard fans who were very pleased with the performance. Although I am not a fan of Hedley, I could appreciate the performance and the enthusiasm they bring to the stage. The final act was Burton Cummings, and he was phenomenal. The 65 year-old Cummings had immense amounts of energy and played everything from classics to covers. In my personal opinion, the former Guess Who front man was easily the highlight of the event.
  4. Big Music Fest - Hedley - One Life
  5. Saturday June 29 was the Niagara-by-the-Lake music festival. The lineup for this event was very impressive as it included Canadian acts City and Colour, Metric and Serena Ryder as well as Yukon Blonde and Jimmy Eat World. Much like the Belleville concert, this event was plagued by inclement weather. Unlike Belleville though, the artists at this event relished the rain and used it as a motivator to put on a fantastic show. Jimmy Eat World stole the spotlight for me as they performed an incredible set, and really got the crowd involved. Metric benefited from the work Jimmy Eat World did as the crowd was ramped up and very lively during their set. The main event was City and Colour, and the their style of music really calmed the crowd back down. People were really enjoying the laid back music they were providing. What made this concert special was the fact that City and Colour front man, Dallas Green, is from St. Catharines which is mere minutes away from Niagara-on-the-Lake. It had a very positive 'coming home' feel, which made the performance of the song Coming Home that much more special. 
  6. City and Colour - Comin' Home (Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON)
  7. On July 2, Fun. & Tegan Sara rocked Downsview Park. Fresh off their grammy win for best song, fun. is on top of the music world currently, pumping out hit after hit. This was a concert many people in Toronto were excited for, and it definitely did not disappoint. Downsview Park is the ultimate outdoor concert venue for big summer events, and is a personal favourite of mine. They consistently bring in great acts and rarely disappoint. Both fun. and Tegan and Sara put on incredible sets and left their fans with a lasting impression. I thought this was a great lineup as most people who i spoke too were very big fans of both performing acts.

    Another aspect of this event I really enjoyed was the Ally inclusion within the event. For those of you who don't know, Ally is a group dedicated to individuals who are heterosexual, that support homosexuals in their fight for equality. Since performing acts Tegan and Sara are homosexual, it is an organization dear to the heart and people responded very positively signing up and supporting Ally.
  8. FUN. at Downsview Park, Toronto, Ontario, Canada