#WeChargeGenocide: Protest at 11th District Police Station #O22Chi

@ChiCopWatch | www.wechargegenocide.org

  1. On October 22, 'We Charge Genocide' released a report on Chicago Police violence, which they will present to the United Nations Committee Against Torture in Geneva, and hosted a silent protest on the national day of action against Police Brutality.

  2. At 6 PM, community members and allies gathered for a silent protest against police brutality -- lead by youth organizers -- outside the District 11 police station. Young people placed blue tape over their mouths to symbolize the 'blue wall of silence' around police violence.
  3. Families of those killed by Chicago Police, including the mother of Roshad McIntosh, attended the demonstration.
  4. Demonstrators entered the police station to give their list of demands to the commander.
  5. Earlier in the day, at Jane Adam's Hull House Museum, Page May presented We Charge Genocide: Police Violence Against Chicago's Youth of Color, which contains data and personal narratives collected by WGC at events, using their online submission form, the #ChiCopWatch hashtag, and publicly available data.
  6. Video of the presentation, filmed by Kevin Gosztola (@kgosztola)
  7. We Charge Genocide Presents Report on Chicago Police - Part 1
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