Chicago Vigil for #Gaza & #BoeingBDS Action - 5 Arrested

Jewish Voice for Peace & allies take action against companies profiting from Gaza bloodbath.

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  1. "The Chicago branch of Jewish Voice for Peace, in partnership with the American Friends Service Committee and the Chicago Anti-War Committee. We are expressing the grief of Palestinians and the world at the 200+ Palestinians dead as a result of Israeli bombardment of the Gaza strip. Communities in Palestine and across the world are reeling, and we will join members of various faiths in mourning the passing of those killed, 80% of whom were civilians. As American Jews, we will also call for accountability for Israel and the U.S.’s role in the suffering: as long as Israel maintains its occupation of the West Bank and ongoing siege of Gaza, we must call for an end to US military aid to Israel and heed the international Palestinian call for nonviolent resistance to Israeli brutality through boycotts and divestment form companies that profit from the occupation, and sanctions against Israel for its human rights violations." -Jewish Voice for Peace, |
  2. "As part of coordinated actions across the country targeting complicity in the Israeli assault on Gaza, Chicago activists are entering the premises of multinational aeronautics giant Boeing’s corporate headquarters. We are doing so to point to the blood on the hands of war profiteers like Boeing who provide Israel with the machinery to kill over 200 Palestinians with impunity, 80% of whom were civilians" -Jewish Voice for Peace, |