2012 Rochester Big Data Forum

Held at the University of Rochester on October 4-6, 2012, the Rochester Big Data Forum brought together researchers from universities, federal agencies, labs, and technology companies from across the U.S. to explore the potential of big data.

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  1. The 2012 Rochester Big Data Forum was the inaugural event of the Rochester Big Data Initiative, a new center dedicated to promoting interdisciplinary research in big data that is led by Henry Kautz, Ph.D., chair of the University of Rochester's computer science department.  The event garnered growing interest and excitement as both the speakers and attendees represented an array of disciplines, encouraging cross-disciplinary insight and collaboration.  Sessions were streamed live online to increase the forum's accessibility.
  2. The forum fostered discussions of many dimensions of big data research, including data in the cloud, data mining, scalability, and the role of big data in areas ranging from health science to business.
  3. The forum is a part of the University's expanding big data efforts.  This summer, the University of Rochester became one of the five most powerful university-based supercomputing sites in the nation when it received an IBM Blue Gene/Q supercomputer.
  4. IBM Blue Gene/Q Supercomputer Unveiled
  5. The Blue Gene/Q will support the Health Sciences Center for Computational Innovation, a partnership between the University, IBM, and New York State that is dedicated to applying high performance computing to solve health care's most complex problems.
  6. University of Rochester Health Sciences Center for Computational Innovation
  7. Recordings of the Forum sessions are available online.
  8. University of Rochester