Cat On Yer Head

A crowd game with a few simple rules. An imaginary cat is released into the audience and passed from person to person, where it must chase an imaginary mouse.

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  1. Cat On Yer Head, created by Playniac, has been performed internationally and featured at games festivals such as Indiecade, GameCity, GameCamp and GDC Europe; comedy events such as Edinburgh Fringe, Science Showoff and Bright Club; and special events at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich and for Channel 4 in Glasgow.

    The Cat On Yer Head Storybook, already an IndieCade 2014 Official Selection, is now available in digital and print editions here.
  2. Space Ape Games

    Soho, London - 5th Feb 2015

  3. Cat On Yer Head at Space Ape Games, Soho, London
  4. Cat On Yer Head being played at Space Ape Games, Soho, London
    Cat On Yer Head being played at Space Ape Games, Soho, London
  5. IndieCade 2014

    Los Angeles - 11th Oct 2014

  6. Cat On Yer Head at IndieCade 2014
  7. New features invented by IndieCade 2014 audience:

    The Speedway - A 3-wide loop around the room, where cat chases mouse FAST.

    The Cat Bridge - To rebalance the speedway, a 3-person bridge across the loop to enable feline short cuts.

    The Mousetrap - Triggered 1 in 2 times the mouse passes, it holds them for 4 repetitions.
  8. Long Sutton Primary School
    Lincolnshire - 21st July 2014

  9. GameCamp 7
    London Southbank University, London - 17th May 2014