Feel And Look Your Best With A Nose Job


  1. A nose job also referred to as rhinoplasty, is one of the most popular choices for cosmetic surgical procedures. It is also one of the most noticeable changes that you can make to your facial features through surgery. For people who have suffered from a lack of self-confidence due to the size or shape of their nose can not only get the physical results they are seeking, they can improve their self-esteem as well.

    The best nose job is the one that provides a person with a positive life changing the experience. In fact, a nose job is only second to breast augmentation regarding the frequency of surgeries and popularity among patients in the United States. The actual surgery has become a very safe and routine procedure when it is performed by a plastic surgeon that is Board Certified and experienced.

  2. Why Do People Choose To Have A Nose Job?

    Although there are various reasons why someone may consider having this type of surgery, all of these reasons can usually be categorized into two categories, cosmetic and medical.
    Cosmetic reasons for having a nose job typically revolve around improving one’s appearance and self-esteem. A patient may feel as though their nose does not “fit their face” and they want to have it reshaped. Cosmetic reasons can include:

    • A nose that is cons
    ordered too small for the face
    • A nose that is considered too large for the face
    • A dent in the nose’s bridge
    • A rounded tip on the nose
    • A crooked nose

    On the other hand, there are medical reasons why someone may need to have this surgery. Some of the reasons are:

    • Structural damage in the nose due to an accident
    • Problems breathing through the nose
    • Misalignment of the nose that results in snoring

    How To Find A Surgeon

    It is important that you only allow a Board certified surgeon perform your surgery. The surgeon should have extensive experience performing nose jobs. You should schedule a consultation with the doctor so all of your questions and concerns can be addressed before surgery.

  3. Step By Step Process

    This type of surgical procedure is considered to be an outpatient procedure. The patient will not stay in the hospital overnight. It is usually performed while the patient is under either local or general anesthesia. If you are given a general anesthesia, you will be asleep during the operation.

    However, if you are given a local anesthesia, you will only be sedated, and your nose will be numbed so you will not experience any pain.

    The surgeon will then make an incision inside of the nostrils. In cases that are more complicated, he surgeon may also make an incision around the base of the nose. The surgeon will then reshape the cartilage and the bone to make the nose more aesthetic.


    After the surgery is over, patients are usually prescribed a nasal splint to wear for at least one week. Bruising and swelling are normal the first few days after surgery, especially around the eyes. The nose will also have some swelling that only you will probably notice. This swelling will decrease within six months.

    A nose job can help you feel and look better by correcting damage and imperfection. However, you should consult with several surgeons in your area to find the one who makes you feel comfortable and will help make your facial proportions look more balanced.
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