The Best Exterior Home Renovation Projects

Window Replacement in Atlanta should be the first of the two renovation projects.


  1. What are the best exterior renovation projects? Replacing windows and siding can make a home more energy efficient and look new again. A home with weathered, peeling, or cracked siding is an eye sore. Old leaky or cracked windows let in cold and heat and make a home look neglected. When a family wants their home to look its best and function at its best, it is time to replace damaged windows and siding with new energy efficient kinds. A local exterior contractor such as Superior Pro Exteriors can provide excellent quality windows and siding.

    Though not everyone can afford it, doing both the windows and siding at the same time can save the homeowner money on the total job. Doing the two jobs separately means duplicate work in some areas which means wasted labor costs. Since both these exterior remodeling jobs require a sizable investment, it may be wise to get a home improvement loan that covers both jobs. When both windows and siding are replaced at the same time, time and money are saved by more efficient scheduling and material use. One project instead of two separate ones means less inconvenience for the homeowner. It means less damage to the grass and plantings around the house. This is worth considering but sometimes it is just not possible and the two jobs need to be done at different times.

    Window Replacement in Atlanta should be the first of the two renovation projects. This way any siding damage from changing window size or location can be repaired when the siding is replaced. Also, sometimes the siding does not need replacing, only painting or repairs. Wood siding may only be in need of scraping and painting to look new again. Aluminum or vinyl siding may only need some areas repaired or replaced. The new windows will be more energy efficient and save the homeowner heating and cooling costs. Newer windows from good manufacturers are attractive and easy to maintain.

    Home Siding Replacement Atlanta companies such as Superior Pro carry quality brands of siding including Hardie Siding. This siding is a cement-based product that is fire, insect, and mold resistant. This type of siding holds paint longer and is more durable, so it may last longer. For more information on siding and window replacement, visit the website.