Planet Forward at the 2015 Food Tank Summit

Planet Forward's team livetweeted the entire 2015 #FoodTank summit. Get the quotes, the facts, the ideas and the insights from the panelists and the top minds that were following along live on Twitter. Then check out for our full recap and expert interviews.


  1. We listened closely throughout the whole summit, and we found five things we think you've got to know if you want to understand the issues discussed and do something to help. Check out our list at
  2. PF Tweets by Eileen Emerson, Brendan North and Mike DeVito
  3. The day started with a big welcome from the GW Sustainability top brass...
  4. Urban Food Systems

  5. The first panel of day one was all about urban food systems: improving access to fresh food, getting good food into schools and making good policy.