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Music Hack Day San Francisco Recap

The fourth annual Music Hack Day San Francisco was held on the weekend of February 16th and 17th. Here's a recap of the event and some of my favorite hacks.


  1. The event kicked off at 9AM Saturday morning at Tokbox in the SOMA neighborhood of San Francisco. 
  2. Things started off promptly at 10AM with short tech demos and project pitches.
  3. Hundreds of hackers arrived, ready to build something cool with music and tech.
  4. Opening remarks, tech pitches and project pitches start the morning. Wifi is solid while everyone checks their email during the boring opening remarks.
  5. #MusicHackDay at Tokbox
    #MusicHackDay at Tokbox
  6. There were a dozen or so workshops where tech companies did deep dives into their respective technologies
  7. Lots of happy hackers spent the weekend building something cool with music.
  8. #musichackday #music #beatsbydre @chasmostgreat
    #musichackday #music #beatsbydre @chasmostgreat
  9. Leap Motion stopped by with 'The Coolest input device ever' (TM). 
  10. The Tokbox offices are a great hacking space.