What future English teachers at CSU, Chico have to say about their career choices.


  1. This began with some brainstorming. Why teach English? and Why teach English? We listed, shared, and talked, then shaped our loose brainstorming into an "elevator speech" -- about 4-6 sentences. Then, the twist came: elevator speeches are remnants of old-school networking. The new model is the Tweet. So we had to reduce it down to 140 characters. Oops, we needed a hashtag, too: #whyEnglish is 11 characters, so with a space, that left 128 characters to explain why in the world we would choose to teach English. Here are some results. 
  2. Many tweets covered ideas that have probably resonated with English teachers over the past century:
  3. Several noted the important role creativity plays in the English curriculum:
  4. Some noted the way the discipline embraces subversion:
  5. Some noted the profound impact the discipline can have on us:
  6. We even found sudden contributions pop up from outside our classroom. Gina Gibbs is a grad student and exemplary teacher in our MA program; Lou Buran is an exceptionally tech-savvy English teacher at a high school in a nearby community. 
  7. After class had ended, more responses popped up--from locals and not-so-locals.