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Patrick Clarke

Local Marketing & Social Media Consultant. I've developed several websites, including mobile optimised websites and Social Media pages for offline businesses. Send me a message if you'd like a FREE consultation. Owner of 30 active internet ecommerce websites in a variety of different markets. Business Owner & Investor Editor of Patrick Clarke Online Worldwide Distributor Ezine Articles Expert Author 2009- Owner Of 1st Central Driving School 2002- Leisure Consultant I like to use Facebook as my blog, and as a way to interact with friends, clients and subscribers. I'm always pleased to share FREE information that could be helpful in any way. If you've got quality FREE information that will help others with their online businesses which you are willing to share, then you will be very welcome to connect with me here on Facebook and on Twitter. I'll then be willing to share that information with my friends and clients. It could get you potential future business partners or clients. Although I'm very involved in the Internet Marketing niche I don’t want to become one of those ‘IM only gurus’. Good luck if that's what you do but I believe in "Walking The Walk, As Well As Talking The Talk". Thus I also promote physical products and services rather than just seek to make money online by selling how to make money online products (there’s a lot of them about!) as I believe in achieving multiple streams of income rather than putting "all my eggs in one basket". My websites have sold all manner of Goods and Services, including tickets for visiting Buckingham Palace, mobile phone ringtones, football shirts, other sports products, free betting or moneyback betting offers, car insurance, air tickets for flights between the UK and Australia and New Zealand, other travel and holiday products, computers and laptops and many other products through affiliate marketing partnerships. I'm also pleased that my sites have attracted advertising deals from interested businesses, who've been pleased to renew those contracts. From time to time we've also been offered exclusive marketing tools from leading businesses such as Qantas for trial periods and we regularly have businesses asking to be included on our promotions. I also have offline business interests including owning 1st Central Driving School and rental property. I'm always happy to help or work with anybody provided we can both benefit and it fits in with my business model. My friends often say my true vocation is that I'm a Leisure Consultant, usually finding ways to get the time and money to spend my time doing what I want to do, usually involving family holidays & get-togethers, travelling, watching or playing sport and enjoying life.