Author, deploy and manage high performance 2D and 3D games that stand out from the crowd.

L. J. Ellwood

I’m moving my stories to Wakelet

Len Fox

It is not in the premise that reality Is a solid. It may be a shade that traverses A dust, a force that traverses a shade. You are the galactic marine!you love to battlle your nemies and go to war!!! Youlove to beat the hell out of your enemies.You never surrender,you rather die than do that.

Russell Jones

TV journalist, gentleman, gamer, writer, geek and husband. Scotch drinker.



Corporate media specialist at @DPProfessionals; social media; WoW gamer; digital technologist; MLIS.

Irla Svendsen da Silva

Lears Fool


Tom Abernathy

Writer/narrative designer @ Microsoft Studios (Halo: Reach, Saboteur, Destroy All Humans!), director, musician, recovering child actor. Opinions = mine alone.

Lauren Manary

Managing Editor: @XpressMagazine, Interning @GameDevMag. Journalism geek. I love music, bourbon, sleep, oxford commas, and red lipstick.

Tricia Speed

Work in communications for a state organization. Interests - writing, photography, digital painting, art, hiking, running, and reading.

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Brooke White


Game Design from Outer Space – We are an Italian independent game development studio and we love to design and craft any kind of game!

Michael Tegos

I write words about stuff. I can write words for YOU! Former deputy editor for the late @OPSM_GR. Also, double-jointed. All opinions I express are my own. Yes.