Pros and Cons of Fighting a Traffic Ticket

Getting a traffic ticket for a traffic rule violation often conjures up the dilemma of whether to simply pay off the fine or fight the traffic ticket. Here we are going to discuss all the pros and cons of fighting a traffic ticket.


  1. Traffic tickets are issued for a variety of reasons like driving under influence, speeding, violating rule of the road, using a cell pone while driving and many others. People getting traffic tickets often freak out, as the tickets bring with them expensive, severe or annoying penalties, depending on the seriousness of the offense. A traffic ticket may lead you to fines and other expenses including increased car insurance rates, driving record points in some states and license suspension. You may, however, choose to fight the ticket but there are certain pros and cons of fighting a traffic ticket that must be weighed carefully before reaching a decision.
  2. Benefits of Fighting a Traffic Ticket:
  3. > If you win the case, you can have all the charges dropped. You won’t be required to pay fines, no traffic ticket added to your driving record and no driving record points.
    > The possibility of maintaining the driving privileges. Having too many traffic tickets may lead to suspension or revocation of your driving privileges. Fighting a traffic ticket and thereby winning the case can save you from the inconvenience of travelling in public transportation.
    > Winning the case also implies that your car insurance premiums remain unaffected. Auto insurance companies review the driving records carefully, and more severe the traffic violation on your driving record, more likely you will have an increased car insurance premium.
    > In some cases, fighting and winning the case may help you avoid the court-approved traffic school which, in turn, can save your time as well as tuition costs.
    > In some cases a plea bargain agreement can be reached even before the court hearings. This may lead to reduced charges.
    > For some professionals, having the charges dropped can also save their job. This is true, especially, in case of commercial drivers.
  4. Drawbacks of Fighting a Traffic Ticket:
  5. > Fighting a traffic ticket means draining your energy big time. The procedure requires at least two weekday court visits. And, in case you decide to represent yourself, you will need to invest your time and energy on preparing for your case by contacting witnesses, gathering evidences etc.
    > Fighting a case doesn’t provide the guarantee that even after presenting the case well you would get rid of all the charges. You might ultimately lose the case and would require to face all the penalties in addition to the legal and court costs.
    > Hiring a traffic ticket attorney for your case means paying a good sum of money, depending on the nature of the case and length of the trial.
  6. The given scenarios, in fact, varies with the situations and the charges imposed. So its best to consult an expert & discuss all the pros and cons of fighting a traffic ticket. An experienced Denver traffic ticket attorney can devise the best strategies for fighting a traffic ticket in order to safeguard the rights and interests of his clients. You can also opt for a free consultation where you can get a clear picture of all the possibilities.