The MOD does believe in Social Media and the Internet

A whirlwind guide to the MOD's social media footprint. We're not that much in the dark ages when it comes to being "convinced about the value of the internet".

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  1. For a start, we're on Facebook. 

    Happy to admit we don't have all the answers but we do run over 100 different Facebook pages and groups from within the MOD, including the single Services, their welfare units, our training establishments, recruitment activities and communicating from the battlefield. 
  2. We have senior military spokespeople reporting on operations.
  3. ...and we run one of the most popular Facebook pages in UK government...

  4. On Twitter, we have a few accounts including daily updates from operational and non-operational theatres.
  5. ...and our main Twitter account is widely followed...
  6. Then, we have a few YouTube channels as well, such as Defence Headquarters and the British Army.
  7. Libyan bank notes delivered to the authorities in Benghazi
  8. Then, there's our flickr channels that carry some of the most iconic and award-winning pictures.
  9. Royal Navy Search and Rescue Helicopter Aircrew Member is Winched Aboard
  10. We have some great bloggers.

  11. including an RAF airman who is currently telling his story about life in Afghanistan.
  12. And last, but by no means, least; we encourage our past and current serving and civilian personnel to use the internet and social media safely and responsibly. 
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