Tips for Applying to be a Model or Actor Through One Source Talent

Agencies around the world look for talented young people who are hoping to reach their potential.


  1. Agencies around the world look for talented young people who are hoping to reach their potential. One such agency is One Source Talent, with more than 10 locations throughout the U.S. Whether someone wants to be a model or actor, or even photographer, they can find their passion through the talent agency. When applying to be a model or actor, there are some specific tips people should follow.

    Provide Thorough Contact Information

    The first step in applying to model or act is simply providing contact information. Some fail to provide completely accurate or up-to-date information, and  will therefore not receive any further contact. Providing thorough, updated contact information provides the best shot at getting to the next step.

    Have Head and Body Shots Available

    Before even thinking about applying to the One Source Talent Modeling and Acting Agency, the proper photos need to be taken. Many realize they need to have a head shot available where their head and shoulders are shown. This is to show off their facial features and help agents decide if they fit what they're looking for. After the head shot, a second photo is actually needed as well. A body shot photo shows casting agents a person's full features and size, ensuring they truly fit the role the agent had in mind.

    Practice Skills

    Just because someone looks the part, doesn't mean they're going to have the right skills to pull it off. Practice makes perfect, so anyone hoping to model or act should practice skills necessary for the jobs. If someone is looking to act, they should study lines for their parts and make sure they pull off the right emotion that is supposed to go with them. If someone wants to model, they need to practice their walk and take photos in multiple stances.

    Add Something to the Resume

    Many agencies look for someone who is at least some sort of experience. If that is not the case, it is time to find something to participate in. Even if someone simply participated in a play at school, that is something that can be listed. Any sort of experience relevant to the job counts. There are often local opportunities for people to participate in that aspiring models and actors can check out.

    A talent agency is a great way to get marketed. They provide listings from real casting directors, and help get pictures out there so people know who to look for. Anyone considering becoming a model or actor can consult with One Source Talent. They can be reached on pinterest at , or via their handle, @onesourcetalent.