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The PING Anser Driver Storified

Your thoughts, tweets and feedback compiled into one of the most thorough crowd sourced reviews you'll ever find!


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  3. "I think PING has truly outdone itself with the Anser. It is a great feeling knowing that I can step onto any tee box and take a rip at the ball and know that I have the properly fit club in my hands that is going to perform the way that I need it to. I will be keeping the Anser in my bag for the 2013 season for sure."- Gunner22 (via
  4. "Finding a stick that can do all of the above is downright impossible; however, after testing out Ping's latest creation, the Anser, I made the switch. Why? Because this driver actually exceeded my lofty expectations -- which is unfathomable. With my carry up from 285 yards to 292 yards and the spin rate down, it became apparent within a couple range sessions that this was the "Anser" to my driver dilemma. (Sorry, I had to go there.)"

    -Devil Ball Golf (via @jonathanrwall)
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    "The Ping Anser driver (Ahina 70 X) is absolutely the best driver I have ever used.  It's every bit as long as anything out there but the beauty of this club is the forgiveness.  I've hit quite a few mishits that all ended up in play.  It's not easy to curve the ball with the Anser and mishits go further than any driver I've tried.  This one is my gamer now."

    -Mosesgolf (via

  7. "The best thing I can say about the Anser is that ever since I got it about a month ago, I have put up the best scores I have shot all year.  I know there are too many other factors to shooting a good score than just a driver, but something's been going on.   With the Anser, I am longer off the tee than I've been all year and in the fairway more now.  It takes the pressure off of everything else when you can stand on the tee and know you're going to bomb it most of the time.  It's a beautiful thing."

    -FlyinJoe13 (via