GeoBeer #4 in Zürich: Motion in Space

Back to the roots: The fourth GeoBeer was back in Zürich and we broke new records: 92 registered participants, 250 bottles of beer, later than 23:00. Thanks to everyone who came and most importantly, thanks to the Christian Sailer, Peter Jäger and his team at Esri Switzerland.

  1. Preparations:

  2. Prior to the event, the excitement starts to rise!

  3. As you would expect from a Swiss event, most people come on time!

  4. The official part of the event starts: 

    "Bewegung im Raum"

    - Kurzvortrag "GPS: Genauigkeit unter die Lupe genommen" (Reto Wick)
    - Kurzvortrag "Potential von Real-Time-Tracking im Sport und für Sportevents" (Christian Sailer)
  5. During the unofficial part, Thomas Husmann demonstrated Leap Motion. Leap Motion 
  6. Aftermath

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