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    f8b064a664 Many people report issues Intel HD 4000-series graphics. Thank you GOG for providing this opportunity. A "no-CD" patch has been applied to the game to allow it to be run without inserting the disc. Go into your Simcity 4apps directory, select Simcity4.exe, and apply the sames settings you did for the setup.exe Start the game.
    Share this post Link to post Share on other sites McDuell 213 Dweller Member 213 153 Posts near Zrich, CH Posted December 8, 2014 If you have the game and expansion pack separate, install the former and then the latter. I have little doubt that you have an Intel HD 4000-series integrated card, which often produce the visual glitches you're showing. Actually, yes it is. 18th.
    Spoiler In September 2015, Microsoft removed support for the CD version of SimCity 4, and many other CD programs requiring SafeDisk. Not so hot on mine, but it does run. the problem is, sc4 not even run properly, really laggy and buggy. If you know you have an HD 4000 card, or are have graphical glitches, the simplest solution is to change the game's graphics rendering mode from Hardware toSoftware. However, most choppy graphics issues should be solved.
    An alternative to adding this tag: ALT + TAB (switch away from)SC4while it is already running open the Task Manager (CTRL + SHIFT + ESC) go to the Processes tab right click on the SimCity 4 process Select "set affinity" De-select all the processor cores except one.
    The game simply uses the GPU as a frame buffer and doesn't use its innards. who needs facts. Aginnon View Profile Message User Thank User 1 year ago What graphical card do you have? If it is a new one, well good luck trying to find a patch