Yahoo News: New Hampshire primary

Here's a look at some of the great stories our political team has produced around the first-in-the-nation primary. We'll be updating throughout the night.


  1. Great photo from Flickr user Patrick Gensel of the Dixville primary results. Submitted to the 2012 Election group:
  2. Throughout the day we're updating our "Scenes from New Hampshire piece" with gems like this one from Holly Bailey:
    "A television reporter surveyed the scene laughed with glee, chatting with a young producer.

    'This is why I told you Iowa was shit!' he declared. 'New Hampshire is where it's at!'"

  3. And yes, we know the internet loves pictures. We're updating the below slideshow with pictures from our reporters and from the Election 2012 Flickr group.
  4. Chris Moody hit the road with Jon Huntsman's ground team yesterday. The great dane was friendly, but his owner remained unconvinced. "I'm just looking for who can beat Obama"
  5. Any of us will tell you that senior political reporter Holly Bailey is the most skilled photographer among us:
  6. David Chalian, D.C. bureau chief for Yahoo News, has a guide for watching tonight's results:
  7. Dylan Stableford, our senior media reporter, dug into ad spending this cycle. It's not a good story for local outlets hoping the election would provide a revenue bump:
  8. Our writers at The Signal are the experts at stats crunching. Editor Chris Wilson looks at how the jobs picture will affect the candidates' chances in New Hampshire, which has a low unemployment rate compared to the rest of the nation: