VisualDNA launches WHYanalytics, a new tool to help publishers understand audiences' personality traits

Simple to deploy and free to use, WHYanalytics tells publishers who is visiting their website: adding a layer of advanced intent & audience personality insight to standard web analytics and traditional demographics.

  1. ABOUT: VisualDNA creates deep audience insights through a patented technology that makes it easier to understand and profile people online. Its unique approach is driven by the science of converting data from millions of opt-in visual personality quizzes into rich, accurate, anonymized, audience profiles.

    VisualDNA's proprietary profiling algorithm scales its data over a vast global network of publisher partners to make demographic, intent and emotive segmentations available through all leading media-buying platforms: enabling advertisers to target clearly-defined audiences at scale. The result is highly-effective, data-proven advertising for some of the world’s best-known brands.

    WHYanalytics works by benchmarking a website's traffic against VisualDNA's own database, communicating the information back to the publisher in real time. "If Google Analytics tells you what, where and when, WHYanalytics helps you understand who and why."

    With support on UK media relations from Propeller Group, VisualDNA opened WHYanalytics for public beta in late June 2013.
  2. Core to the product is VisualDNA's rich data set, and ahead of the product announcement, VisualDNA created a data story by picking out the key emotive differences between Americans and British people - comparing personality categories such as Love & State of Mind. This was covered in The Times (paywall) by @kayaburgess on June 2, and by the Daily Mail:
  3. A product press release went out on the following Wednesday (June 26) issued via Business Wire syndicated to Reuters, New York Times & reposted by well-read industry boards including AdOps & Adotas:
  4. First piece of coverage was from Ellen Hammett at UK trade blog MediaTel, who ran the story on the front page of the site. It quotes Trinity Mirror's Shaun Jordan:
  5. "Brands define audiences by emotive characteristics, but most existing analytics tools just give you basic demographic information. The more we know about our audience, the better we can meet brand campaign briefs and monetise our inventory."
  6. Jordan was also quoted in The Drum and in the AOP's coverage:
  7. Adotas Q&A with VisualDNA CEO Alex Willcock:
  8. "VisualDNA technology uses visual quizzes to capture a person’s personality profile online, infer and scale that data into anonymised profiles, and make those profiles available in a way that’s really useful for brands, publishers and advertisers. WHYanalytics takes this a step further by playing that information back to the publisher as it happens, a concept we call real time understanding."
  9. Leading media & marketing trade news site M&M Global covered the story the following week: "The free set of tools, housed on a publisher’s website, collates its data from voluntary psychological quizzes taken by users and pulls it into a central database, analyses site traffic in real time and matches browsers to archived psychological profiles."
  10. Further coverage from trade blogs including Direct Marketing News, Market Research Web, Marketing Tech and Research Magazine.
  11. Direct Marketing News: "The platform aims to evaluate site traffic, match it to VisualDNA's database of users, and build profiles of the visitors and what they are motivated by."
  12. mrweb: Specialist news site for market researchers: "VisualDNA uses patented technology to convert data from millions of opt-in visual personality quizzes into audience profiles."
  13. Marketing Tech: "Typical analytics provides a lot of insight into how many, when and where the visitors come and go on your site, but not a lot of information on why they actually are. [WHYanalytics] gives publishers and website owners a real-time view into their site traffic based on visitors’ emotional characteristics – showing why they’re visiting, as they visit."
  14. Research Magazine: "traffic is analysed and matched to VisualDNA’s database, allowing visitors to be categorised according to one of 113 different emotive segments across 12 verticals."
  15. Marketing Week: VisualDNA Chief Commercial Officer Ian Woolley comments on big data: that while insights are great they're no substitute for emotive understanding.
  16. With a further article on the limitations of big data in generating understanding a week later in Campaign:
  17. V.DNA-CampaignIanWoolley-110713
  19. Mood film created by Calling Brands:
  20. WHYanalytics from VisualDNA
  21. Demo film outlining what WHYanalytics can do for publishers:
  22. WHYanalytics For Publishers
  23. Simple how-to dummies guide:
  24. How to set up WHYanalytics