Stanford Future of Media - Reinventing the News Business

Business model for the newspaper industry has been disrupted by the Internet. With the emergence of mobile, people are more interested by just the facts and quotes as a story developed rather than a complete story disrupting even more traditional business models. What will News Organization do?


  1. Traditional Business models for the Newspaper Industry have been very successful. Subscriptions were used to cover production and distribution costs. What can news organization do to reinvent itself? note that we didn't talk about organizations such as the Economist or the Financial Times who are very profitable operations.
  2. We don't know and we need to experiment.
  3. Adjust cost
  4. Invent new revenue lines. Conference is one way news organization are generating revenue and profit and are very complementary to a blog. Panel didn't mention Local Newspapers are now competiting in the online reputation space helping SMB market themselves (a.k.a Gannett Marketing Services,....), research a la GigaOm or paywall efforts.
  5. They are "recording artists". Journalists get paid for gigs and books but  few people who can make a living doing this are very limited.
  6. Is mobile a hope or another disruption for the news industry?  On one hand, news organization can regain control by offering mobile apps. On the other hand, companies like Circa are emerging challenging the form of an article and the base concept of most news apps including Zite or Flipboard by providing a stream of events.
  7. Adam Lashinsky approached the subject of copyright several times, one time with Circa.