Are Pheromones the Answer to Success in Dating and at the Office?

Pheromones are a naturally produced chemical emitted by many creatures, even bacteria, to attract mates or signal power.


  1. Pheromones are a naturally produced chemical emitted by many creatures, even bacteria, to attract mates or signal power. Humans are one of the species that use this type of chemical, in what scientists refer to as a subconscious form of communication. In woman, certain pheromones are used to calm infants and help the baby identify their mother. For men, they can be a powerful force in encouraging attention and to make others view them as more dominant and capable.

    Using a pheromone spray for attracting women is a good first step for gaining attention, but it will not make them fall in love or become incapable of thwarting seduction. It requires a genuine product, like pheromonesense to actually get noticed. Before making any purchase, be certain to read reviews about each brand because there have been many on the market that are nothing more than overpriced cologne.

    Since pheromones do not emit any identifiable odor of their own, a pheromone cologne will combine the chemical with an appealing scent. Most men will notice an increase in attention after only a short period of time wearing the product. Many ask pheromone cologne for improving your success with women. The answer is in choosing the correct product for what they are seeking. Those who want more attention from a current partner should look into the brands that are advertised for romance, while those who are only interested in flings can use the ones designed for sexual attraction.

    There are also specific pheromone products for men who are interested in improving their professional careers. These colognes are made to increase the alpha chemicals that make others see them as more masculine and dominant. By being taken seriously in the workplace, it is possible to be offered opportunities that superiors may have not been willing to provide previously. There are even products available for women who wish to gain more male attention. This is especially useful for women over the age of 40 whose natural levels of pheromone have begun to wane.

    Use of this cologne will not make any man irresistible, but it will get them more female attention. Many men have discovered the extra attention helps to boost their confidence, something that also improves how they are viewed by women. For men who are already able to meet and talk to women, but have found it difficult to advance beyond the talking stage, pheromones are often that added boost that make them successful.