Facebook Chat -- Author Q/A on 'The Rise of Asian Americans'

On Wednesday, June 20, Pew Research Center Senior Writer D'Vera Cohn took questions from our online audience in a LIVE discussion on Facebook about the new report, 'The Rise of Asian Americans.' We've repurposed that conversation here in an easier-to-read format.


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  4. We may do some work on the economic crisis in future reports. We did not look at health topics as part of our research.
  5. Surveys & polls' results are reductionist form of reality, but is a good starting point to begin a discussion, to dig deeper for a more nuanced, and rather complex, picture of realities (plural intentional.) The survey's Overview conveys &... confirms many stereotypes about Asians & Asian Americans, many of which are perpetuated by Asians & Asian Americans themselves, partly a self-fulfilling prophecy. Two examples, one personal, that put the results into question: Almost 1 in 3 Korean Americans do not have health insurance (APIA Health Forum); many Vietnamese refugees (the family I lived with) describe themselves as middle class even while living in cramped one-bedroom apartments in crime-ridden Tenderloin area of San Francisco. Pooled together, six of us at the time probably made over $70,000 a year. I'm glad Pew conducted the survey, but as usual, marketers & political campaign consultants (too lazy & ignorant) will only rely on & spout the reductionist version of reality I fear. Thank you.
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  12. Thank you. The report was outstanding and I appreciate your efforts in providing the insight about my fellow Americans.
  13. Thanks for your interest in this topic!
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  19. Sorry, we did not address this in our research.
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  22. Thanks. I look forward to that report on religion. Good stuff!
  23. I am sure that the report will go into detail at least about the largest six country-of-origin groups - Asian Americans with roots in China, Japan, India, Korea, the Philippines and Vietnam.