Facebook Chat -- Author Q/A on 'The Rise of Asian Americans'

On Wednesday, June 20, Pew Research Center Senior Writer D'Vera Cohn took questions from our online audience in a LIVE discussion on Facebook about the new report, 'The Rise of Asian Americans.' We've repurposed that conversation here in an easier-to-read format.


  1. We may do some work on the economic crisis in future reports. We did not look at health topics as part of our research.
  2. Surveys & polls' results are reductionist form of reality, but is a good starting point to begin a discussion, to dig deeper for a more nuanced, and rather complex, picture of realities (plural intentional.) The survey's Overview conveys &... confirms many stereotypes about Asians & Asian Americans, many of which are perpetuated by Asians & Asian Americans themselves, partly a self-fulfilling prophecy. Two examples, one personal, that put the results into question: Almost 1 in 3 Korean Americans do not have health insurance (APIA Health Forum); many Vietnamese refugees (the family I lived with) describe themselves as middle class even while living in cramped one-bedroom apartments in crime-ridden Tenderloin area of San Francisco. Pooled together, six of us at the time probably made over $70,000 a year. I'm glad Pew conducted the survey, but as usual, marketers & political campaign consultants (too lazy & ignorant) will only rely on & spout the reductionist version of reality I fear. Thank you.
  3. Thank you. The report was outstanding and I appreciate your efforts in providing the insight about my fellow Americans.
  4. Thanks for your interest in this topic!
  5. Sorry, we did not address this in our research.
  6. Thanks. I look forward to that report on religion. Good stuff!
  7. I am sure that the report will go into detail at least about the largest six country-of-origin groups - Asian Americans with roots in China, Japan, India, Korea, the Philippines and Vietnam.