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Gun Trolls Attack Mother Jones Editor

When Mother Jones co-editor Clara Jeffery tweeted about a shooting, pro-gun trolls responded with increasingly graphic and threatening attacks.


  1. On Sunday, February 3rd, Jeffery retweeted a news article about Chris Kyle, an American sniper who had recently been murdered at a gun range. 
  2. She then suggested that the incident showed that even soldiers cannot prevent gun violence. 
  3. In response, Jeffery was inundated with vicious tweets from gun supporters, which she retweeted.
  4. She pointed out that she had actually praised Kyle and later tried to clarify her argument.
  5. Jeffery's tweets were soon posted on Twitchy, the twitter aggregator run by conservative rabble-rouser Michelle Malkin. Conservative news site Breitbart also picked up the story.
  6. Thanks to these posts, more trolls discovered Jeffery's tweets. The attacks on her increased and became more vicious.