Julia Salazar

student & research assistant at @ColumbiaSIPA. Tweets on #Palestine, #Israel, & everything else. | gmail: julia.carmela.salazar

Wilfred Chan

Associate producer at @CNNi. Columbia grad.


Blog-AroundHarlem.com, Around-NYC.com -- @April_Davis Tweeting News, Art, Culture, Music, Film and Random Repartee from Harlem, About Harlem, NYC and the World

Doctoral student. Founder of @mediamakechange and @txtconnectNYC. Occasionally funny. Mother of a pug named Gary. I still want to fall in a wormhole.

Andrea García-Vargas

@Columbia '13, @VICE intern, @ColumbiaSpec columnist, blogger, and former editorial page editor. Gives sex advice for free. [email protected]

Kathryn Quigley

Writer, journalism prof, adoptive mommy. Fan of chocolate, George Clooney and U2. Funny, honest and random. Former newspaper reporter. Villanova & UMD grad.

jim welch


Magnus Bernhardsen

Lee Stevens

Some what politically active gay male looking for social justice, social and sexual encounters.

maryhollis troup

artist, environmentalist, passionate about books, music, film, good food, gardens, liberal politics, and complex people.

Skyler Rogers

I'm the Community Manager at Livefyre and Storify. Need help with either? Just email [email protected] any time. Otherwise, I follow some incredibly interesting people here on Storify! Try clicking on my Following list if you want to find some hidden gems from the amazing Storify community :)

Pulitzer Center

Promoting engagement with and funding international journalism. RTs and links do not equal endorsement.


Prachi Gupta

Associate Editor @Salon. Former @Gawker intern and management consultant @Deloitte before that. Tweeting the next Great American Novel. pgupta @ salon.com

The PE Reader

Your insider source for key news, analysis, & insight on the private equity industry. Also the sharer of some interesting, insightful, and sometimes intense stories.