Dave Butler talks to Review-Journal editors

On Jan. 4, the Providence Journal executive editor told Review-Journal editors that they don't need to cover their new owner so aggressively. The editors were skeptical. The next day, he spoke to the newsroom.

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  1. In December, newspaper chain New Media Investment Corp. (better known by its former name, Gatehouse) sold the Las Vegas Review-Journal to a shell corporation (named News + Media Capital Group) for $140 million. Since then, the paper's newsroom has aggressively reported on its new ownership — first by identifying billionaire casino mogul and Republican mega-donor Sheldon Adelson as the money behind the shell corporation and later by reporting that Review-Journal journalists had been tasked with investigating a judge critical of Adelson.
  2. On Jan. 4, Dave Butler — executive editor of the Providence Journal, another Gatehouse paper — spoke to editors at the Las Vegas Review-Journal about the difficulty in reporting on one's ownership. On Jan. 5, he spoke with the full newsroom.
  3. Jan. 4 meeting with editors

  4. Features editor Stephanie Grimes live-tweeted the Jan. 4 meeting.
  5. Review-Journal editor in chief Mike Hengel, who had been with the paper for five years, shocked the newsroom on Dec. 22 when he abruptly announced that he would leave the paper. His successor has not yet been named.
  6. Butler is referring to this POLITICO Media article, which initially reported that Butler would be named the interim editor in chief of the Review-Journal.
  7. The New York Times reported on Jan. 3 that Review-Journal reporters and editors must get written permission from publisher Jason Taylor before publishing anything about the paper or Adelson.
  8. Butler is referring to Michael Schroeder, the owner of a chain of small Connecticut newspapers and the "manager" of the shell corporation (News + Media Capital Group) funded by Adelson's family that purchased the Review-Journal in December.
  9. Schroeder has been accused of using using a pseudonym ("Edward Clarkin," a combination of his middle name and his mother's maiden name) to write a long, partly plagiarized article attacking a Nevada business court judge critical of Adelson.
  10. (UPDATE: The Review-Journal reported a few hours later that Schroeder was no longer affiliated with News + Media Capital Group.)