Clare Morris

Interested in all things education - particularly workplace learning, medical education & school governance. All views expressed are my own.

Dave Steele

Comedy and Science and Blog and Mental Health and Stuff. Has a face.


Maria Wolters

Speech & language technology, eHealth focus. Works at @InfAtEd on @help4mood and ForgetIT. All tweets in private capacity

Group B Strep Supprt

Group B Strep is the UK’s most common cause of severe bacterial infection in newborn babies, and of meningitis in babies under 3 months – yet it is usually easily preventable.

AHE Blog

The Academic Health Economists' Blog - news, analysis and developments in health economics ☣

Visit our website for frequently updated curated news and disease outbreak information. News tips are appreciated! Tweets do not represent medical advice.

Claire Marie Thomas

Doctor, trainer, globalhealth enthusiast, social justice advocate, foodie & kareoke disaster! Patron @SKIP_twit - Director @NewLeafTwit - TSG PPD Lead @FMLM_UK

Mohammed Hussain

Manager, Strategic Systems & Technology @NHSEngland .@thegphc council member. Chair Pharmacy LPN. Pharmacist. Healthcare IT advocate. Student. My own views.


Multidisciplinary exploration of the art & the science of supporting people who live with complex needs. Don't engineer the problems, nurture the complexity!

Meningitis Research

Meningitis Research Foundation is a charity funding research, raising awareness & supporting people affected by #meningitis.

Michael Greenberg

Epidemiologist, pediatrician, infectious diseases & vaccine development geek | father2boys and wannabe disruptive health technologist | tweets are mine

Tim Underwood

MRC Clinician Scientist & Upper GI Surgeon. Trustee of Heartburn Cancer Awareness and Support ( Views my own.

Peter Tennant

Junior epidemiologist interested in public health, stats & academic life. Tweeting in a personal capacity. Views may not reflect those of Newcastle University.

Dr Alys Cole-King

Compassion, Patient Safety, Collaboration, HFE & NHS! Co-Founder Connecting with People emotional resilience/suicide prevention training & instigator @UCanCope