1. From the Twitter account of the Copenhagen Police:
  2. “Copenhagen Police are looking for a person who has exhibited suspicious behaviour by Nørreport [Train] Station]. Hence all the police #politidk
  3. “The person is male, around 30 years, 180 cm tall, Middle-Eastern look. Black hair, full beard, black nylon jacket, black blouse with white text. More ...”
  4. “Dirty khaki trousers, black cap, glasses, bringing along a black backpack with red lines/stitches. Black luggage/trolley. [Send] information to [police phone number] 114”
  5. “Press: Stay tuned on Twitter - we will keep posting information. #politidk
  6. “Police with machine gun on Nørreport after report of ‘suspicious man’ t.co/6CeSLaU1Cu
  7. “Copenhagen Police now possesses photo of the suspicious person. Will be broadcasted on Twitter, if deemed necessary. #politidk
  8. “Photo of suspicious person on its way. If you see the person, who according to witness testimony has exhibited suspicious behaviour, contact 114. #politidk
  9. “Copenhagen Police looking for the suspicious person many places in Copenhagen, hence all the police in several places. #politidk
  10. “Photo of suspicious person (link to press release that no longer contains the photo).”
  11. Police also tweeted the photo; that tweet is now gone:  https://twitter.com/KobenhavnPoliti/status/504917066089259008 .
  12. “If you see the wanted person, call the police and let the police contact the individual. Observe. Thank you. #politidk
  13. “Should acquaintances and/or friends of the wanted recognize the individual, the police would appreciate a call at 114, thanks. #politidk