Radio + TV Presenter Sara Cox demands discount for subtitled film screening

There is something to be said we have all put our foot in it and said things we later regret.When you are a TV/Radio personality at the BBC you would think common sense would prevail especially with 284,000+ followers on Twitter. Not so with @SarajCox who in spectacular fashion upset many Deaf / Hard of Hearing people and others with her rant against subtitled films.


  1. Sara implies that the subtiles 'ruined' her date last night (she asked for a refund on part of her ticket cost).

    The tweets that were so offending to people have been deleted from her timeline.

    Sara did not help herself further by calling those who complained that they were 'gob******'.

  2. Here are the offending comments RT'd by others along with the twitpic photo:

  3. Omitting those who were offensive in their tweets to Sara). There were so many and contining.

  4. But some of the feed from last night clearly shows the anger and upset caused by 'thoughtless' tweets:
  5. With twitter we take the good with the bad and that includes people's comments which many of us will see as complete lack of awareness of Deaf issues: