Sandblasting Drain Pipes

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  1. Drain pipes are important in drainage or plumbing systems. Sandblasting,on the other hand, is a necessary method to help keep the drain pipes unclogged
  2. Sandblasting is not your ordinary plumbing procedure. This method is most common in shipbuilding and automobile industry, but this can also be utilized in plumbing and other home repairs. There is a complexity involved in this method, so make sure to equip yourself with the right tools and knowledge before starting any projects, especially when sand blasting a rough surface.

    In this project, a sandblaster is required to clear up anything that clogs drain pipes. A sandblaster is heavy piece of machinery thatrequires extra strength to carry out its various functions. For those who have experienced draining a pipe, this can go fairly easy for them as all they need are protective gear, sand, and a wet sandblasting equipment.

    The first step is to remove all debris that’s been stuck up in the drain pipe. When the drain cover is opened, you can attach the plumbing snake and let it wire up with the clog before pulling it out. Start sandblasting when the plumbing snake can no longer remove any debris. A sandblaster is required here, but you don’t need to purchase as this equipment can be rented out for you to save money. Make sure to wear protective clothing and prepare everything you need beforehand.

    Insert the nozzle of the device into the drain pipe’s opening and then let the water carry the debris.Repeat this process until all debris are unclogged. The sand is used to remove the debris that are still clinging on the hard to reach areas of drain pipe. The pressure should be directed toward the drain pipe to clean it up in a fewseconds. Do this for several times until the entire drain pipe is free from debris.